Thursday, 2 February 2017

Pattani to Hold ASEAN Tourism Festival 2017

The southern border province of Pattani is preparing to hold its major cultural event, which reflects a harmonious mixture of three cultures: Thai, Chinese, and Muslim. The event is called "Pattani ASEAN Tourism Festival and Lim Ko Neaw Goddess Celebration 2017.”

It will be held between 7 and 13 February at the Lim Ko Neaw Pattani Shrine and several other areas in Mueang district. People in Pattani and those from elsewhere will take this opportunity to pay homage to Chao Mae Lim Ko Neaw, a goddess who is respected by local residents, especially those of Chinese origin.

According to Pattani Governor Weeranan Pengchan, the week-long festival will feature cultural performances, such as Chinese opera, nora, which is the southern traditional performing art, and a light and sound presentation featuring the three cultures. It will also include a food fair, with a variety of delicious Thai, Chinese, and Muslim food. This year, there will be an exhibition of royally initiated projects in Pattani, as well.

Pattani province has set strategies for provincial development from 2014 to 2017, with an emphasis on expanding its markets for halal products and services to Muslim communities at national and regional levels and to niche markets in various parts of the world. The province is being developed as a halal industrial center.

The Pattani ASEAN Tourism Festival and Lim Ko Neaw Goddess Celebration aims to promote local cultural tourism and make Pattani better known among tourists. With the emergence of the ASEAN Community, Pattani and other southern border provinces are expected to welcome more visitors from other ASEAN countries.

Pattani is predominantly Muslim, and the central mosque in this province is recognized as the most beautiful Muslim religious structure in Thailand. The beautiful mosque has become a major tourist attraction.

Sai Khao in Pattani is recognized as a model community, where people of different faiths have lived together in peace and harmony. It is located in Khok Pho district and is rich in natural resources. Fruit orchards in this area have become agro-tourist sites, which attract visitors from other areas.

Pattani has stepped up safety measures, developed infrastructure, and improved tourism services to build more tourist confidence.

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