Sunday, 5 February 2017

Don't Forget Teddy!

Mant people in Australia love going camping for a few days or a week.  he NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust (NSWCHPT) group is reminding families to pack carefully and not leave precious possessions behind once they are homeward bound from a fun time away. 

The NSWCHPT group manages 36 holiday parks and boutique accommodation on Crown land throughout NSW and have put together a list of some of the most common things park guests have left behind in the last year.

NSWCHPT CEO Steve Edmonds said while many of the items on the list are to be expected like phone chargers, camping gear and fluffy socks, some items raised a few eyebrows.

“You often hear of the weird and wonderful things people leave behind in hotels when they are travelling and our parks are just the same,” Mr Edmonds said.

“We had 194,065 bookings made at our parks last year which equates to more than half a million people, so it is not surprising that not everything makes it home. Our guests are in true holiday mode when they stay at our parks and often delay the packing so they can enjoy more time relaxing before they have to hit the road and return to the rush of daily life.”

Some of the most common items park managers report being left behind include:
  • Mobile phones and phone chargers
  • Pillows
  • Shoes, thongs and sunglasses
  • Wetsuits, rashies and swimmers
  • Children's toys, including teddy bears

A few of the more unexpected items left behind in the past year include:
  • A child called Hamish
  • $10,000 cash hidden under a mattress
  • A very expensive wedding ring
  • A car bonnet
  • Bright pink, fluffy high heels covered in diamantes

Mr Edmonds said park managers across the group did their best to return lost or left behind belongings to their original owners.

For more information about the coastal and inland holiday parks managed by the Trust and to plan your next caravanning and camping adventure visit, or

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