Monday, 27 February 2017

'Discover The Real Warpaths' - The Battle of Crete TOURS 2017

The Battle of Crete - Discover the real warpaths’ is a historical tour of the island of Crete, providing participants the opportunity to be guided step by step through the major sites of the Battle of Crete (May 1941) and the Resistance that followed. 

Visitors can choose either the whole tour or part of it, to experience the true history of the unique aerial invasion and the defence of the island by Greek and Commonwealth soldiers and the local population. On the proposed tours, we visit the areas of operation, parachutist landing and defence zones, and lines of retreat and evacuation.

We provide an introduction to the activities of the Special Services (S.A.S., S.B.S.) and the Allied Secret Services on the island, arrivals and departures of agents, visit to wireless transmitter sites, R.A.F. supply drop zones and guerilla operation areas. Visit to the Commonwealth War Cemetery, the German War Cemetery and local War Memorials.

Discover unknown details of the daring plan to abduct the German General Kreipe, from the abduction site, following his route across Mt. Psiloritis accompanied by the abductors, to his departure to Mersa Matruh, Egypt.

Visit a historic farmhouse in the suburbs of Heraklion, where S.O.E. agents systematically took refuge, and which is now an exhibition area for unique genuine artifacts of the war period.

Original contemporary photographs and objects are exhibited as part of each tour.

Operated by A.P. Corpis & Co Ltd. 2, Mitsotakis Str. - 712 02 Heraklion Crete 

Contact: Tel. +30 2810282551 

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