Thursday, 19 January 2017

Kyoto Insider's Guide Part 3- How to Enjoy Your Stay at a Kyoto Ryokan

Kyoto City has released Part 3 of the Kyoto Insider's Guide. Each Guide offers visitors handy tips on manners and etiquette, designed to help travelers get more out of their stay in Kyoto. This time the theme is Kyoto's Ryokans, with a step by step pictorial guide to help visitors learn how best to enjoy their stay.

A RYOKAN is a traditional Japanese inn where travelers can experience Japanese culture, customs and hospitality. One room, with tatami flooring in a ryokan serves many different functions. The room can serve as a sitting room, dining and bedroom, just like rooms in traditional Japanese houses.

Staying in a traditional Japanese Ryokan can be an experience full of surprises for the most seasoned international traveler. From check-in to check-out, this guide helps guests to enjoy Kyoto's Ryokans and better understand what happens during a typical stay.

The guide reveals tips on how to enjoy Kyo-Ryori (Kyoto Cuisine), how to wear Yukata robes, sleeping on Futon bedding and the excellent service of the Ryokan's Nakai-san (Guestroom Attendant). A must read infographic for travelers and travel industry experts who advise travelers going to Japan.

Published by the Kyoto Convention and Visitors Bureau in conjunction with TripAdvisor and VISA the latest issue of the Kyoto Insiders' Guide is available on the Kyoto City Official website:

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