Monday, 23 January 2017

Documentary showcases the Niigata prefecture of Japan

Niigata prefecture of Japan is famous for it's nature, freshness of seafood and high quality of rice. In collaboration of Niigata city and mediacorp, we are proud to announce that a two-part travel documentary has been broadcasted in Okto Channel.

The second episode features the beauty of Sado Island which is 2.5 hours ferry ride away from the mainland.

It was also once the world’s largest producer of gold, thus giving Sado Island its nickname, “Japan’s floating treasure chest”. Today, Sado Island is a tranquil destination that offers visitors a break from city life. The isolation of the island and its harsh mountainous landscape has kept population numbers small, but it has also resulted in an incubated and unique Sado culture.

If you are keen in visiting Niigata and would like to know more recommendations of places of interests, activities to engage in, places to dine at, click on the following video link to watch the half-hour documentary.

★For more info of the documentary, click on the following link⬇:

★To watch the documentary, click on the following link below⬇:

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