Friday, 11 November 2016

I Love New York Partners with Beautiful Destinations to Expand Their Worldwide Travel Audience

More than 12 million people in 180-plus countries will soon have the chance to engage with a captivating wave of images that convey the natural beauty, adrenaline-pumping adventures, dreamy accommodations and diverse attractions of the Catskill Mountains via social media. The program is a partnership effort between Empire State Development's (ESD) Division of Tourism/I LOVE NEW YORK and Beautiful Destinations, the award-winning creative agency behind the largest travel and lifestyle community on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The campaign is live on Beautiful Destinations' Instagram and Facebook accounts in October.

“New York State has a booming tourism industry and we are always looking for new ways to get the word out about all the fascinating things to see and do,” said ESD President, CEO & Commissioner Howard Zemsky said. “We are excited to further our partnership with Beautiful Destinations to showcase the magnificent attractions and activities of the Catskills to their 12 million followers. Our first joint campaign this spring covered all 11 regions of the state, and helped us to build on our already popular Instagram presence and we expect the fall response to be even more successful in enticing travellers to experience the Empire State for themselves.”

“Beautiful Destinations is proud to continue our partnership with I LOVE NEW YORK, one of the most progressive brands in travel,” said Beautiful Destination Founder and CEO Jeremy Jauncey. “We look forward to creating living, breathing, authentic stories through engaging visuals to inspire the global Instagram community to visit New York State and increase awareness of the Catskills. Using photography, drone-captured visuals and video, we create visual stories that have a proven track record of producing a measurable return on social media."

The spring partnership between I LOVE NEW YORK and Beautiful Destinations promoted attractions in all 11 New York State regions to Beautiful Destinations' social media audiences over a period of three months. The campaign increased New York State's Instagram followers by 66-percent, reached over 10 million unique users and generated nearly 71 million impressions and 1.4 million engagements.

The first of four three autumn Catskill stories went live on October 17, 2016, part of a series of four branded stories on the Beautiful Destinations Instagram, with one live story daily from October 17-20. There will also be a series of branded features by the team's four key content creators – Jacob Riglin, Sam Kolder and Tom and Jeremy Jauncey—from October 18-23 with “for more content” referrals to @iloveny. Other features will include a Snapchat story on the Beautiful Destinations account and two live posts, two 360 posts and a video release on the agency's Facebook page, some of which already went live.

The Beautiful Destinations team will climb mountains, zip-line, ride ski lifts and utilize drones to capture the best visuals of this region including stunning waterfalls and mountains decked out in brilliant fall foliage. They'll also check out the destination's exotic accommodations, from yurts to mountain lodges to Star Trek-themed suites.

In addition, I LOVE NEW YORK will feature additional photos taken by the Beautiful Destinations team on Instagram to continue the story. Photos will be posted daily promoting the conversations with hashtags such as #beautifuldestinations, #iloveny, #visitcatskills and #ispyny.

“I LOVE NEW YORK's social media presence continues to grow and this outreach will certainly further stimulate people from around the world to travel to the state and explore not only the Catskills, but our 11 diverse vacation regions,” added ESD Executive Director of Tourism/I LOVE NEW YORK Gavin Landry. “Our partnership with Beautiful Destinations has been producing spectacular images, and we look forward to attracting more attention to our award-winning destinations and attractions, gaining exposure across Instagram, and inspiring travellers to experience New York State first hand.”

Photos and videos can be viewed on the @beautifuldestinations, @iloveny and @visitcatskillsInstagram accounts beginning October 17, 2016 and Facebook live videos of the Beautiful Destinations team zip lining at Hunter Mountain and mountain biking at Windham Mountaincan be viewed at

Since 2013, the number of Instagram users following I LOVE NEW YORK has increased 1,663-percent. Today, there are nearly 49,000 followers and the number continues to grow.

I LOVE NEW YORK is one of the most popular travel destinations on social media, ranked the number one state tourism organization on Twitter and number three on Facebook. I LOVE NEW YORK's Twitter following has increased 38-percent since 2014 from 250,405 to 345,142 followers, and Facebook has increased to more than 1.3 million fans and continues to grow.

New York State

New York State features 11 beautiful vacation regions. New York's attractions span from landmarks such as Niagara Falls to the wine trails of Hudson Valley and treasures like the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Whether it's wide-ranging outdoor activities for the whole family like hiking, culinary wonders and farm-to-table fresh foods, snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding, or the rich history and culture of one of the 13 original colonies, New York State offers diverse activities for all travelers. For more information, visit Media can find press releases and more at

Beautiful Destinations

Beautiful Destinations is the award winning creative agency behind the world's largest travel and lifestyle community on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. With more than 12 million followers in 180 countries, Beautiful Destinations has become the source of daily travel inspiration for millions of people. The company's mission is to celebrate the beauty of the world and tell the story of its amazing people, places and experiences.

The Beautiful Destinations team creates “social first” content for some of the world's best brands, governments and NGOs, helping them generate a return on social media through predictive visual analytics and storytelling. Beautiful Destinations specializes in photography, drone and video (regular, vertical and 360) content creation for a mobile, millennial audience. Clients include New York, Starwood's The Luxury Collection and Marriott.

Follow the agency's social channels for daily travel, food, lifestyle and fashion inspiration: (Instagram) @beautifuldestinations, @beautifulhotels, @beautifulcuisines, @beautifulmatters, @beautifulapparel, @beautifulmenswear and (Snapchat) bdestinations, bcuisines.

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