Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Huge Chinese Incentive Group to Convene in Thailand in November

Pro-Health (China) Co., Ltd

More than 10,000 employees of leading Chinese health food supplement company Pro-Health are to be in Thailand between 4-20 November as part of their incentive award for meeting sales targets.

The award-winners, who will split their annual conference and associated events between Bangkok, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya and Pattaya, are the third in a series of huge incentive groups to choose Thailand as their primary destination this year. In April 2012, about 16,000 award-winners of the Amway direct-marketing group in China were in Thailand, followed by another large group of staff and sales-persons from Infinitus (a direct sales company) in May 2012.

Mr. Sansern Ngaorangsri, Deputy Governor for Asia and South Pacific Market, said that because the incentive award-winners do not have to incur hotel and other travel costs, they have a high level of personal expenditure, especially on shopping. As such, the entire group is expected to generate tourism income of about 1,500 million baht for Thailand.

So far, the registration is confirmed for 10,011 Pro-Health staffers. Special welcome arrangements are being made at the various stops, courtesy of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau and Pattaya City.

Established in 1995, Pro-Health (China) Co., Ltd is a pioneer in the Chinese health-food supplement industry, and the largest in Beijing. It organises more than 40 incentive trips a year covering 20 countries, with most of the groups numbering in the thousands.

Thanks to geographical proximity, easy accessibility, affordability and great standards of service and hospitality, Thailand is becoming a hugely popular destination for Chinese travellers. The steady flow of incentives and many other categories of visitors has allowed China to overtake Malaysia and Japan as Thailand’s top source-market.

In Jan-Sept 2012, Chinese visitor arrivals to Thailand totalled 1.94 million, up 30% over the same period of 2011. The forecast for 2012 is 2.3 million, which will be up 35% over 1.7 million in 2011.

In 2011, Chinese visitors stayed an average of 7.61 days and spent an average of 4,470 baht (US$146.63) per person per day. This generated 58 billion baht (US$1,902 million) in foreign exchange revenue for the Thai economy, the second highest tourism earnings figure after Russia.

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