Thursday, 22 November 2012

China Trip - Day 12 - Shanghai - 22 November 2012 -


7.30am  wakeup call, breakfast
9.30 Metro train to Dongtai Road Antique Street
3.00pm meeting with Estella Zhang, Director of Marketing & Communications, and Arthur Ai, General Manager of Pullman Shanghai Skyway
6.00 refreshments in Executive Lounge

The Day
Most of the day was spent spent exploring the Dongtai Road Antique Street. This, and surroumding streets, are full of market stalls and small shops selling Chinese antiques, though most of them are modern reproductions posing as antiques..The day started  out fine and cloudy, but the rain soon started to fall I wandered around, ducking into various shops to get out of the rain, but in the end not buying anything.

Then it was back to the Pullman Skyway to enjoy all it offered to its guests.

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