Tuesday, 20 November 2012

China Trip - Day 10 - Shanghai - 20 November 2012‏

am, pm Big Bus Tour
pm Shanghai Museum

The Day
After breakfast caught the Metro train to Pudong to catch the hop-on hop-off  Big Bus tour of Shanghai. This took most of the day, as their are 3 different intersecting routes - Pudong, Central Shanghai, and old temple Shanghai. Even though it was a cold, cloudy day, I chose to sit at the back of the open top deck of the double-decker buses. An informative commentary was given on each of the routes via personal headphones which were plugged into sockets at the back of each seat. You could chose one of several languages to listen to.

Later that afternoon I hopped off the Bus at the stop nearest the Shanghai Museum. This museum is located in the Peoples Square, which was originally the city race track.  Various exhibits were displayed in the various exhibition halls on several levels. Porcelain, calligraphy, seals, & national costumes were just some of the exhibits, dating back not just in years, but in centuries. Brochures (either in Chinese, English, or Japanese) were available explaining each of the exhibits. The labels on each exhibit were written in Chinese and English. This was an enjoyable ending to a day of Shanghai sightseeing.

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