Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Empty Nesters Like to Travel

This year we have joined the group known as “empty nesters”. All our children have now left home to go away to study at university. We are now part of the over 55s market that contains the segment of empty nesters. When it comes to domestic travel behaviour, we and other empty nesters can enjoy our freedom of being able to travel by ourselves again. However, for us we still like to go on holidays with our adult single children.

Other “empty nesters” enjoy the occasional trip with grandchildren. They like getting out there whilst they are still young and active and they are taking advantage of all the opportunities that may not have been available when they were younger.

This market has a big appetite for travel and a disposable income that they look forward to spending. They like to travel with a little bit of style, but not breaking the budget. Empty nesters like to travel with people like themselves, who are active and without the kids. If they are single again they are looking for opportunities to travel in groups with others like themselves.

Younger empty nesters are enjoying digital technology, whereas older empty nesters may be more disengaged from the digital world and appreciate alternative options. Older retirees are more concerned with super and how they will fund their travel and retirement.

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