Friday, 8 June 2012

IFWTWA Conference 2013 to be held in HAWAII

Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort
Hawaii has been chosen as the next destination for the annual IFWTWA conference- The International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association.

The conference, which will be held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort in Waikiki will run from May 23 to 26th 2013 and promises to be a spectacular event. Post trips to the Big Island and possibly Maui at Hilton's sister properties, will be offered (accommodation at a deeply discounted media rate) and an array of story opportunities will be presented to all members from the US and Australasia.

President Maralyn Hill believes Hawaii is the ideal location for a meeting. "In significant part, the location makes sense for including our Australasian membership. If you remember, the Australasian Division of IFWTWA had been working very hard to have the conference in Australia, as 2013's 'Write Down Under' but for various reasons it did not gel for 2013. So we quickly approached Hawaii instead" she said.

President Maralyn Hill
 IFWTWA Board member, Michelle Winner believes her home state of Hawaii will be the ideal location for the conference and is determined that members experience a different side of the islands.

"Yes, we know what you might be thinking. "Played out, I'm not interested in 'touristy,'" you say. Our goal is to change your mind about your perception of Oahu. Consider this a chance to experience Oahu from a native perspective. We are pursuing Hawaiian cultural opportunities, outdoor adventures, historical day trips and agricultural tours; there will be no trips to the Polynesian Cultural Center with a flabby pseudo--local buffet, no Mai Tais made in a garbage can (a la the old Don Ho show). No ALLLLOOOOHAAA greetings, no bored lei greeters at the airport (unless you want these, of course)" she said.

Negotiations are currently underway with carriers for attractive fares from Australia and more details about conference and touring options will be released soon.

Kevin Moloney
IFWTWA Australasia chair, Kevin Moloney is thrilled Hawaii has been chosen. "This will give all our Australasian members a terrific opportunity to join in on the annual conference and strengthen ties with our US colleagues. Both sets of members will be travelling about the same distance but in different directions to meet - perfect." He said.

Participation in the conference at attractive member rates will be available to current financial members as of 30 June this year. For more information check the IFWTWA website at

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