Sunday, 10 June 2012

8th International Forum on Chinese Outbound Tourism (IFCOT2012)

The 8th International Forum on Chinese Outbound Tourism (IFCOT2012) will be held in Beijing on June 14, 2012. More than 200 elites in travel industry, senior officials, general managers of Chinese outbound tour operators and travel service will participate in IFCOT2012.

The theme of IFCOT2012 is “Quality Suppliers & Shaping New Models”, including different interesting topics: More than 20 speakers from industry professionals, senior officials of tourism organizations, industry elites and trade leaders will share their experiences and opinions.  

08:30 Opening
09:00 Welcome Speech
09:20 Outbound Tourism Policy and Industry Management
09:40 The Characteristics, Trends and Customer Source of China Outbound Tourism Market
10:00 Destination Theme Session (I) – High- end Luxury Tour in Malaysia
10:20 Networking Coffee Break
10:40 Destination Theme Session(II) - U.S. Tourism: travel market after the adjustment of visa policy
10:55 Destination Theme Session(II) - U.S. Tourism: Guam &; the new trend of island vocation product
11:10 Peak Dialogue: Transition of outbound travel market and Shaping New Models 
12:10 Guam Welcome Gala Luncheon 14:00 Tourism Information Technology and Outbound Tourism Marketing
14:35 F.I.T travel, oversea consuming and the Chinese travelers’ changing demanding 
15:25 Trends and Features of MICE outbound travel market, the 2012-2013 foresight 
15:45 Application of Social media and Micro-blog Marketing on Outbound Travel 
16:05 Coffee Break & Business networking and Exchange
16:20 Outbound Tourism Suppliers Theme Session
18:00 The End

First launched in 2003, the IFCOT (International Forum on Chinese Outbound Tourism) has been successfully held for 7 times with a total of participants come from over 70 countrieswhich including officials from International Tourism Organization, Destination Tourism Board, Destination travel supplier, China Top200 outbound Tour operator, travel agency, MICE company, Hotel group, Airline group, Cruise company, Tourism insurance and rescue company, Tourism online-distribution group, Industry and public Media, PR company etc.

As a professional, high-standard and authoritative event, IFCOT is highly recognized by Chinese outbound travel trade and has received great attentions from the media. IFCOT has significant impact on the Chinese outbound travel industry. It is a high-end travel industry summit that is supported by China National Tourism Administration, China Association of Travel Services, United Nations World Tourism Organization, Pacific Asia Travel Association, and a lot of Destination tourism boards.

IFCOT also provides opportunities for all participants to grasp the dynamics of China outbound travel market, have insight into the market trends, exchange ideas of the current hot topics in the outbound market, promote the healthy development of China outbound travel market, enhance the communication and exchanges between Chinese and foreign tourism organizations or companies, and create more business cooperation opportunities.
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