Saturday, 5 May 2012

TTC Indonesia Announces New Travel Mart for Philippines

TIARA Tunggal Cemerlang (TTC) Indonesia has announced that it will conduct its first-ever Philippine edition of the mart this August.  TIARA Tunggal Cemerlang (TTC) is an event organiser that holds B2B outbound travel marts in Indonesia twice yearly,

“After organising 16 TTC outbound travel marts in Indonesia over the last eight years, we are now stepping forward by organising similar (events) in the Philippines,” said Tedjo Iskandar, owner and director, TTC Indonesia.

The move was facilitated through a joint venture with Philippine wholesaler TGEH Holiday, which led to TTC Indonesia opening an office in Manila.

Thepphitak Phankwan, executive vice president, TGEH Holiday, said: “The idea to organise a B2B outbound travel mart in the Philippines came after my company joined TTC Indonesia, and discovered how effective a B2B table-top event could be."

The Philippine mart will take place in Manila on August 28 and Cebu on August 30.

Iskandar is targeting 100-120 sellers from various countries, while Phankwan is optimistic that he will be able to attract 500 buyers from Manila and Cebu.

“Many of the suppliers and tour operators who participate in our shows in Indonesia also target the Philippine market, so we are confident of our first event in the Philippines," said Iskandar.

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