Saturday, 12 May 2012

Research on Visitors to NSW Australia Released

Many people visit NSW, Australia, each year. But why do they come here? How many people visit, where do they come from, where do they stay, and how much do they spend.? These and other questions have been looked at by Destination NSW. They have produced new “Purpose of Visit” market research snapshots for Sydney and regional NSW containing information about different visitors - holiday, business and visiting friends and relatives. They include visitor numbers, nights, expenditure, accommodation, activities, transport and more.

Some of the key findings include:
- Domestic and international holiday visitors are the largest visitor category for NSW
- Business travellers spend more on average per night than the other categories
- For both domestic holiday and visiting friends and relative travellers, August was the least popular month for travel; however it was the most popular month for business travellers
- New Zealand was the biggest international market to NSW for both business and visiting friends and relatives. China (including Hong Kong) was the biggest international holiday market.

These snapshots can be viewed free of charge on the Destination NSW Corporate website.

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