Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fashions Strutted on the Catwalk in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

The Fashion Ambassadors
Sydney is a buzz with women (and men) strutting  the catwalks as they show off the latest in Australian fashions. Not that you will see women rushing into the local discount department stores to buy these as their new glam rags to do their shopping or gardening in. The price tags of the fashions put them out of the league of everyday buyers, and quite frankly, most people would not be suited to wearing the so-called fashions. Imaginative in styling, yes, but practical no.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2012 commenced on 30 April and goes to 4 May.

A new imitative this year is five local fashion icons have been chosen to act as Fashion Ambassadors for Sydney and New South Wales. The Fashion Ambassadors are local fashion designers Camilla Franks, Camilla Freeman-Topper, Dion Lee and Rachel Gilbert, and shoe designer Terry Biviano.

Camilla Franks is known for her colourful graphic prints, Camilla Freeman-Topper for her modern silhouettes with her brother Marc, Dion Lee for his structured tailoring, Rachel Gilbert for her luxury embellishments, and Terry Biviano for her highly coveted shoe designs.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2012
The Fashion Ambassadors will provide selected guests with personal tours of Sydney. They will introduce them to their favourite places to shop, eat, drink and play, as well as give them a sneak peek inside their studios. They will help tell the Sydney fashion story and position this city as a global fashion and design hub.

The tour will include places like Icebergs at Bondi Beach, The Winery on Crown Street and the Australian designer precinct The Intersection in Paddington and other fashion, entertainment and lifestyle points of interest. Undoubtedly Sydney’s traffic jams, graffiti covered eyesores, and empty shops and buildings will be sidestepped.

It is noted that while many industries are struggling in NSW, fashion is still an important industry for the state, employing some 66,000 people across design, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing, and generating income of around $7.4 billion each year. Thirty-seven per cent of Australia's creative industries are based in NSW with around 150,000 people in NSW directly employed in this sector, whether in film, music, design or fashion.

One of the Ambassadors, Camilla Franks said, "There's not many places in the world like Bondi, where you can step straight from the beach into small bars, world class restaurants and boutiques. Sydney is an amazing city full of colour and inspiration for all that I design.  I'm really excited about becoming a NSW Fashion Ambassador to spread the word on how beautiful it is to live and work here."

Camilla Freeman-Topper said, "The Sydney Fashion Ambassador initiative is an exciting opportunity to promote the wealth of labels that Australia has to offer. I'm looking forward to taking Rumi Neely around Sydney and sharing my favourite places and quintessential Sydney experiences with her."

Dion Lee said, "Sydney's relaxed environment and outdoor lifestyle encourages a unique creative scene. I feel that this individual point of view is what makes Sydney based labels of such interest to international markets such as Europe."

Camilla Franks
Rachel Gilbert said, "These days many international celebrities head straight to The Intersection in Paddington after touching down in Sydney, snapping up the latest offering from Sydney-based designers. Sydney has an exciting fashion, dining and arts culture, making our city the perfect stop for the stylish traveller."

Terry Biviano said, "It's great to see the NSW Government put the spotlight on the fashion industry here in Sydney by bringing out some of the world's most high profile fashion bloggers for Fashion Week."

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