Thursday, 31 May 2012

Aboriginal and African Cultures Forge Spiritual Links Across Central Coast, NSW

Land Art 2011
The 2012 Central Coast 5 Lands Walk will mark its presence on one of NSW's most prominent headlands, The Skillion at Terrigal on Saturday 9 June 2012 with an eye-catching work of art designed in collaboration between local Aboriginal and African artists.

The art work will represent a symbolic fusion of Aboriginal and African cultures through an eight-metre high installation created from all natural materials including coloured sand, earth and bark chips.  At the centre of the design will be hands reaching out across the lush green slopes of the headland.

'We live in a society today which is moving fast and is unbalanced and sometime we forget the precious things in life that we hold on to dearly such as family, community and our environment.  We take more than what is needed and rarely give back and take things for granted in life itself ' explained indigenous artist, Gavi Duncan.

Land Art 2010
'The hands represent the giving and holding onto those spiritual values in life' continued Duncan.

African Artist, Eddie Botha adds 'Australia consists of many cultures interacting and overlapping, reaching upwards.  We (all) reach upwards for spiritual nourishment.'

Construction of the Land Art will be undertaken on Saturday, 9 June from 10 am and be dedicated in a cultural and spiritual dawn ceremony, The Awakening, commencing at 5.45 am on Saturday, 16 June 2012.

Over the past six years, the 5 Lands Walk has been connecting people to people and people to place.  The event has grown and developed quite a substantial following with over 10,000 people participating in the 2011 event.  Originally inspired by Italy's Cinque Terre, the 9km walk from MacMasters Beach to Terrigal has been greatly enriched by the local community spirit.  Five different cultures, Latino, Greek, Filipino, Chinese and African, will be showcased this year through art, music, dance and food en route.

Land Art 2009
The 5 Lands Walk is a wallet free event and will take place on Saturday, 23 June 2012.  Participants have the option to undertake the entire 9 km length of the walk, complete part of the distance or drop in on any of the lands and absorb the colourful atmosphere.

The 5 Lands Walk has been designated a State Flagship Event by Destination NSW reflecting the importance to the local community and economy, tourism potential, and the character and culture of the region.
For more information about the 5 Lands Walk and its associated events, see articles posted in this Magazine on 1, 3, 6 May 2012
For more details or to register for the walk go to

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