Friday, 30 March 2012

Sussex - The County of Bounty

Promenades of Eastbourne
Anyone who has travelled around the south-east of England will know all about the beautiful countryside that can be found there. From the hop fields of Kent to the village greens of Berkshire, the peace and tranquility of this stunning region is there for all to see. One of the most pleasant parts of all is the ancient county of Sussex.

These days, the county is split into two administrative areas, East and West, but this hasn’t changed the unique atmosphere that pervades the whole area. From the sun-kissed promenades of Eastbourne to the Roman city of Chichester, there is something for everyone to see and do in Sussex. If you’ve never been before, now is the time to see for yourself why the place is so popular.

The largest towns and cities in Sussex are located both inland and along the coast, with the latter group proving to be a magnet for tourists in the summer months. Among the more well-known are Worthing, Bognor Regis, Hastings and, perhaps the most famous of them all, Brighton, a city that offers everything you’d expect from a traditional English seaside resort.

Fishbourne Roman Palace
Get that peaceful easy feeling
If you prefer to enjoy something a little more slow-paced and peaceful, why not visit some of the picturesque villages that are found throughout the county? In the summer months, there are few things more pleasant than enjoying a cold drink in a character-rich Sussex pub, and if you’re lucky you might even find a cricket match taking place on the local village green.

The county has a long history dating back to Roman times and beyond, and there are many historic places of interest to be enjoyed. Fishbourne Roman Palace is a huge former residence that contains a number of fascinating features and artifacts. It’s located to the west of Chichester, close to the main A259 road.

Tangmere Military Aviation Museum
To the east of the city you’ll find Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, which is a must-visit for anyone with even a passing interest in aircraft. Once a major RAF base that was first used in World War One, it’s now home to a number of fascinating planes, including the Star Meteor, which once broke the World Air Speed record.

If you plan to visit Sussex in the winter, you should make sure you’re in Lewes in early November. The town, which lies to the north-east of Brighton, is home to the largest Bonfire Night celebrations in the UK, which include torch-lit parades and the burning of several effigies. It really is a spectacular event that should not be missed.

Lewes Bonfire Night
*Written by Guest Writer David Showell, who is a former resident of Sussex, and makes regular return visits to the county. He currently works for a company that provides cheap car hire. Knock Airport is one of the locations where tourists can find the best deals.

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