Saturday, 31 March 2012

20,000 Readers of The Holiday and Travel Magazine

In the early hours of this morning the 20,000 person has read The Holiday and Travel Magazine. This is rather amazing as I established the Magazine just last year. You can see how the readership has grown by looking at the pageview readership figures for each month-

January 10, February 150, March 149, April 260
May 539, June 1189, July 809, August 861
September 962, October 1097, November 1405, December 1917

January 3,777, February 3008, March 3902

Audience – The top 10 countries, in descending order, are - Australia, USA, UK, Russia Germany, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Singapore, China.

Pageviews by Browsers – Firefox  44%, Explorer 28%, Chrome 15%, SAFARI 6%, Opera 2%

Pageviews by Operating Systems – Windows 81%, Linux 8%, Macintosh 5%, Android 2%, iPhone 1%,

Top 10 Posts – these are ranked from number 1 down on the right hand of the screen

Thanks to all those people who have read The Holiday and Travel Magazine, contributed to it, or have commented on articles.

An invitation – I would like each reader to write a short article to contribute to The Holiday and Travel Magazine. Write an article on the city, suburb, town or area in which you live, detailing the top 2 or 3 spots you would gladly show off to visitors. You may not have the Sydney Opera House, Buckingham Palace or Statue of Liberty next door to you, but you may have that interesting park, statue, tree, playground, building etc nearby. Just write about what is unique to the area in which you live and email me the article. It will be great to have articles sent from countries scattered all over the world

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