Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Wonders of Korean Tourism Spread Worldwide in High-Tech 3D

Korea Tourism Organization & Samsung Electronics join forces to spread the wonders of Korean Tourism worldwide in High-Tech 3D

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) (CEO, Charm Lee) and Samsung Electronics have joined forces for the first time to spread the wonders of Korean tourism worldwide through Samsung’s new 3D TV.  

The joint venture will offer an excellent opportunity for Korean tourism to be promoted more widely to consumers all over the world, and for Samsung Electronics to bring the excellent picture quality of their 3D TV to consumers worldwide.

The new 3D videos are going to be distributed and played in over 5 million Samsung Electronics stores in one hundred countries around the world (the official numbers of the stores may be larger) and the exposure effect of the videos will be tremendous. This corresponds with the sales target of high quality tourism merchandise which the KTO is planning. Also, it is expected to invigorate the brand image of Korean Tourism by correlating the high-end product image of Samsung with Korean Tourism. The video will be distributed and played in foreign stores of Samsung Electronics for one year starting early February, 2012. 
The Korea Tourism videos produced by Korea Tourism Organization will be the very first 3D videos which focus on filming the most popular and interesting sights and attractions in Korea based on recent survey results of 12,000 foreign tourists.

Scenes such as the performance of K-Pop stars, the healthy aspects of Korean cuisine, the glorious scenery of Autumn in Korea’s beautiful national parks, the fun and excitement of amusement parks, the graceful beauty of its ancient royal palaces, the popular arts and shopping district of Samcheong-dong as well as all of the vibrant, traditional colors of Korea will be shown to the world in high-tech, 3D images.

In particular, the videos exhibit the technical capabilities of 3D TV through utilizing “freeze POV method” which can maximize the 3D effect by putting a stationary camera into the stabilized screen.  This method is currently only being utilized by a small population of the movie and TV commercial industry and Samsung has not used it for films, and therefore movie professionals are in anticipation. 

Unlike the general promotional tourism videos, Korean film director Ik Whan Choi (Director of ‘MaMa’, ‘Life is Cool’, ‘Girls’ High School Ghost Story 4’) who challenges himself on various genres of movie-making such as full-length animated films and experimental films is lending his support in making the background images with various techniques and cinematic styles. 

Director Ik Whan Choi recently inaugurated as a director of the Korean Academy of Film Arts plans to train talented people who are interested in movies.

Executive Director of Brand Marketing, KTO, Pyung-Sup Shin stated that “the cooperative marketing business plan of the KTO and Samsung Electronics has high expectations in progressing the cooperative marketing efforts of KTO and Samsung Electronics) because internationally, it is an unprecedented business venture”. 

Viewers wanting a sneak preview of ‘Touch Korea’s Diverse Dimensions’ in 3D or 2D before it hits the stores in Australia please follow the links below:
3D version: 
2D version:   

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