Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Travel & Hospitality Brands Need To Make Mobile A Top Priority For 2012

62% of travel brands don't have a mobile friendly website. This was just one of the findings from a recent global EyeforTravel survey which examined key trends in travel marketing and distribution.

The survey found that globally, Travel brands are failing to adequately invest in mobile, despite widespread adoption of smartphones and increasing customer search queries via mobile (19.5% of search queries for hotels are made via mobile devices).

The survey (released as part of EyeforTravel's Travel Distribution & Marketing Barometer report October, 2011) highlighted that overall, mobile investment globally for apps and websites had not moved with great pace during 2011 for Travel.

Investment by certain countries however did gain pace. In Europe, Germany is leading the way with 45% of respondents this autumn indicating that they now have a mobile application for their brand – an increase from just 9% back in February 2011.

China saw the biggest increase in investment with 67% of respondents indicating that they have a mobile website for their brand, up from just 30% in February.

The shift towards mobile has been likened to the seismic shift from offline to online that occurred over a decade ago. In a month that saw major travel brands such as Thomas Cook feel the impact of being too complacent about adapting to change, the survey comes as a warning to all travel brands. Those brands who relish and adapt to new consumer facing technology are the ones who will succeed over the coming years.

For many brands, adapting to a rapidly changing technological environment can be daunting. EyeforTravel's Mobile Innovation in Travel Awards (which will take place in San Francisco, March 5-6) seek to recognise and reward those brands who are investing in mobile right now.

'Innovative travel brands who have recognised the urgent need to invest in mobile right now to stay competitive are helping to pave the way for the rest of the industry to follow suit,' says Gina Baillie, GM, EyeforTravel.

'The Mobile Innovation in Travel Awards recognise the valuable time and resources that they have invested and will no doubt serve to encourage industry wide mobile best practices.'

For further information contact Gina Baillie,
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