Friday, 13 January 2012

Top 5 Gadgets You Will Only Find in Japan

When visiting Japan, make the most of your trip and buy some of these amazing gadgets you can only find in Japan. Some of the things listed here will not be of any use except in Japan. It may be near impossible to find them anywhere else in the world.

Sony PlayStation Vita

Many were disappointed when they learned that the latest PS will only be available in Japan. The PS Vita is considered to be PlayStation’s next generation. It comes with a touch interface and has added features of motion-sensitive controls. The Vita’s touch screen technology rivals that of iPad and iPhone and also enables users to link to PS 3 for a truly amazing gaming experience. This handheld device offers a 5’’ OLED screen, dual analog sticks, rear and front cameras, GPS, and 3G WiFi. This great new addition to the gaming world will not be available in the United States or the EU until next year. For now, it is only exclusively available in Japan.

Windows Vista Pink Edition

Microsoft released a special pink edition of Windows Vista in Japan. The pink color represents the color of cherry blossoms. The idea behind this marketing strategy is to attract Japanese as it is a color of the flower all Japanese love. The package contains Windows Vista Home Premium© and Windows Live OneCare©. The pack does not offer any additional features except for its unusual packaging. It is basically just a marketing strategy.

Sony A77

Sony’s latest digital camera will only be released in Japan. The camera features a body of magnesium alloy, 24.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, TrueBlack LCD screen (3-way tilt), an SD/SDXC/SDHC card slot, and a built in GPS. The camera also has 1080p recording capabilities. Therelease date of this camera in the rest of the world has not been disclosed yet.

Toshiba ApriPoko Robot
ApriPoko is Toshiba’s amazing talking robot with learning capabilities. This cute robot is a voice– operated gadget which is actually an infrared remote control. This robot asks you what you did whenever you use a remote control and learns the action. Next time all you will need to do is tell ApriPoko what you want it to do and it will perform the task for you. The robot also features a camera which helps it to identify different users. It is probably the cutest invention ever made by

Canned Drink Warmer:
Japan is the land of vending machines. The canned drink warmer gives the added feature of keeping drinks warm. People can get coffee, tea, and even soup from this machine. Smaller versions are also available for home use. It is only available in Japan.

*Written by Guest Writer Andrew Black, who has spent a fair bit of time in Japan for his work. He is always amazed at Japanese gadgets. When he is not blogging, Andrew distributes sushi making machines and sushi rice machines

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