Saturday, 22 October 2011

Top 10 Funny Signs In Kunming, China

As I can not read Chinese writing, I will need to read English versions of Chinese signs everywhere I go when I will shortly visit Kunming. These are some of the signs that visitors have spotted in Kunming which I may come across. On a serious side, it is not that easy to translate the Chinese language into English. Some Chinese words may match English words, but Chinese phrases do not easily match English phrases. These sign writers did the best they could !

Meaning - Complaint Box for Tourist’s

Meaning -  Restaurant
Meaning - Your Position/Location Now! or This is where you are now! or This is your location!
Meaning - Crowded passage or road, beware of your safety
Meaning -  (1) 上:Entrance (2) 下:Exit

Meaning - (1) Glass! (2) Beware of the Glass! (3) Glass Here!

Meaning - (1) Service Break; (2) Closed; (3) Service Unavailable
Meaning - (1) Exit; (2) Exit Passage
Meaning - (1) Open; (2) In Business

Meaning - (1) Staff Only; (2) Employees Only
Meaning - Please do not walk on the grass.

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