Tuesday, 21 June 2011

John Cleese to Star in Just For Laughs Sydney Comedy Festival

British comedian and python alumni John Cleese will host the upcoming Just for Laughs Festival in Sydney. The towering presence of comic superstar and master of the Silly Walk, John Cleese, in an all-too-rare appearance, will perform in Australia for the first time.

Established 29 years ago in Montreal, Just For Laughs has grown into the biggest live comedy franchise with spin-offs in Chicago, Toronto and St Albans, England. Gilbert Rozon, president and founder of Just For Laughs, said the Opera House was a natural choice of venue to build the festival around. "To start it will be a small festival but we will expand and gradually build our vocabulary," he told reporters in Sydney, adding that outdoor shows and TV coverage are part of future plans. "Sydney won't be like Montreal, the fun is doing something different that fits the city and is unique in the world."

For Further information see the web site http://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/About/program_JFL.aspx

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