Saturday, 18 June 2011

Gdańsk Poland

The City of Gdansk is located in the Pomeranian Province of Poland. It is Poland's main port and is a lively, cosmopolitan city. Gdańsk has been one of the Baltic Sea's most enchanting seaports since the Middle Ages. Its eclectic blend of traditional German, Polish and modern influences adds to its charm. And today this once sleepy fishing village is one of Poland's hot spots for contemporary art with plenty of exciting nightlife and spectacular restaurants. A must-visit for culture vultures.

The centrepieces of Gdansk are mainly located in the Main City where such historical monuments as the City Hall, St. Mary's Church and Artus Court can be seen. The City Hall and Artus Court are considered to be the most significant lay buildings of the Main City. Both are situated along the Long Market which alongside with Dluga Street are ranked among the most beautiful streets of Gdansk. They are lined with beautifully decorated gabled houses typical of old Gdansk. Their facades are narrow and rich in artistic adornments such as coats of arms, animals, ancient characters, etc. Each of the houses, once homes to the wealthy patriciate of Gdansk, has its own history. Of all the facades, seeing the one of the Golden House is a must on the tour of the Main City. It is one of the most beautiful buildings of the city. The house was designed by Abraham van den Blocke, who also made some of its sculptural decorations. Though almost completely levelled in 1945, the Golden House facade was renovated. Nowadays it houses the Maritime Institute.  .  

What is there to do in Gdansk?
-You can follow in the footsteps of kings and queens as you stroll along Gdańsk's Royal Way. You'll be surrounded by a treasure trove of 14th-century architecture that includes churches, towers and elaborate city gates. 
-Explore the city's historic waterfront and view rare wildlife by canoe.
-Stroll along the Great Armoury. This impressive example of Renaissance architecture is now an art academy and shopping centre.
-Search for amber, 'the gold of the Baltic', in the city's many fine shops. It's used to make everything from jewellery to chess sets.
-Visit the largest Gothic castle in Europe, built by the Teutonic Knights in Malbork.

One of the most important meetings industry events of the year, the “ICCA Research Sales and Marketing Programme “, will take place in Gdansk. The  ICCA is short for the International Conference & Congress Association . This year local host, the Gdansk Convention Bureau, has offered an interesting social programme. On Wednesday 6 July a Welcome Cocktail Function will be held in the Mercure Hevelius Hotel Restaurant. On Thursday 7 July delegates are invited for a  Networking Dinner in Artus Court sponsored by The City Hall of Gdansk. The last day Farewell Party at the beach is sponsored by the Poland Convention Bureau and Gdansk Convention Bureau.

This year's chosen local charity for ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme is the Gdanska Fundacja Innowacji Spolecznej (Gdansk Social Innovation Foundation), more specifically, the Home on Trakt. This is a safe haven for 2-11 year olds who have suffered from neglect in their family homes, where their health, welfare, and sometimes lives have been put at risk.

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